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Steam Rocket 2

The guys at FGL have made a way to export Flash games to Android. They also distribute the games through Amazon marketplace, Google Play, Nook and other small markets.

Their API includes ads, scores, a cross promotion system and a “unlock full game” feature (via payment). Unfortunately, their wrapper does not allow exporting to IOS… And this means losing a big part of the mobile market.

Anyway I wanted to try the system, so I decided to make an improved version of my old Steam Rocket game and publish it with FGL.

The API was very easy to use: When I finished the Flash version,  I had the working APK with ads and all features just with a bit of extra work. But (of course) everything has a price: FGL takes a part of the earnings (30%), the publisher takes another one (20%) and I get the remaining 50%. Let´s see if it really pays to use this system…

This is the Flash version:

Steam Rocket 2

And the Android versions:

Steam Rocket 2 at Google Play

Steam Rocket 2 at Amazon




Let´s see if FGL distribution works nicely…


Nightmare Runner

I had an idea: Why not make a Canabalt with guns? (not extremely original, I suppose). A game with very simple controls, only mouse, but with a more complex gameplay. I wanted huge monsters, inspired in Lovecraft´tales and Mike Mignola´s “Hellboy”.

It took me a long time (I have a problem: I never know when to finish a game…), but here is the result:

Nightmare Runner

Nightmare Runner

I hope that you´ll enjoy it!