2 Reviews and an interview.

I have been promoting the Android version of my game Steam Rocket 2 a bit, sending emails to some blogs and gaming websites. This is my “first” Android game, and I have no experience in mobile game promotion, so it has been an interesting and sad experience.

I say sad experience because I have found out how the mobile business works: You need to pay to get your game reviewed in most websites. Sucks…

Fortunately, there are some websites that don´t ask for money to get a game reviewed. They will review your game if they like it. El Jugon del Movil and IndieGameMag are two of them, and I would like to thank them for giving me a chance.

Review of Steam Rocket 2 at El Jugon del Movil.

Review of Steam Rocket 2 at IGM.

I even made a small interview at El Jugon del Movil! Read it here:

Interview at El Jugon del Movil.

Thanks guys!



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